Hosting Special International Groups

We encourage the development of programs which will contribute to diversity, enhance research, and compliment the mission of our University. The Office for International Students and Scholars is here to advise program developers and sponsors regarding the most appropriate way to successfully bring students and scholars to the US. Navigating the sea of immigration regulations may seem daunting, and some may fear that their program may be thwarted due to constraining policies and procedures. OISS is here to help you meet your goals and produce a program which is successful and sustainable from an immigration standpoint. 


The Approval Process

All programs that bring internationals to be students at Tulane University and fall outside of the traditional academic calendar should seek approval and visa determination from the OISS.  Learn more.


Next Steps After Special Group Approval

After getting the programs approved, the admitting process starts.  In addition, pre departure communications and an orientation are coordinated.  Learn more.


Repeat Programs

If the program is a repeat of a previously- approved program, there is also a streamlined process to help coordinate the new cycle. Learn more.


For questions regarding a special group, please contact Frank Calabrese,