Prospective Faculty and Scholars

The information below is meant for prospective faculty/staff coming to Tulane that might have questions about the different visa statuses. The chart and the sections below can help you differentiate between the categories. 

If you are a department looking for information on how to hire or about other internal procedures please click here.

Visa Comparison Chart


  J-1 H-1B TN
Visa Type Research Scholar, Professor, Short-Term Scholar Temporary worker in a specialty occupation NAFTA employment for Canadian and Mexican Professionals
Citizenship Requirements May be a citizen of any country. May be a citizen of any country. Must be a citizen of Canada or Mexico. Not available to landed immigrants or permanent residents.
Immigrant Intent Reserved for researchers, faculty and scholars, specialists and speakers. All are in the U.S. on fixed terms. Researchers must be brought in for a specific purpose as defined by the sponsoring institution. Must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree. Position must require at least a bachelor’s degree in a specialized field. See additional details. Limited to 63 Professional Occupations. Majority require a related bachelor's degree.
Filing Fee Payment Filing Fee is paid by the institution, however, the actual visa fee is paid by the applicant. Paid by the employer. ($460 and $500, payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security.) Canadian citizens pay border or airport application fee of $50 plus $6 I-94 card fee. Mexican citizens pay visa application fee of $131. I-129 petition filing fee of $460 for change of status or extension.
Visa Requirements Must apply for visa at the consulate and pay SEVIS fee. Canadian citizens visa exempt. Mexican citizens must obtain visa. No visa requirement for Canadian citizens. Mexican citizens must obtain visa.
Authorized Period of Stay 6 months for Short Term Research Scholar. 5 years for Research Scholars and Professors. 6 year maximum limit (3 year limit per petition). In certain situations, may extend beyond the six year limit if filing for green card. Three year limit. May obtain indefinite three year "extensions."
Visas for Family Members J-2 for spouse (eligible for work authorization) and children under 21. H-4 for spouse and children under 21. TD status for spouse and children under 21.