The OISS office at 6901 Willow Street will be physically closed the entire week of June 17- June 21 so that the carpet in the building can be replaced. The OISS team will be working remotely June 17, 18, 20, and 21.  Tulane University is closed June 19th in observance of Juneteenth.

Thank you for your understanding.

The OISS Team

International Student Advisory Board (ISAB)


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Established in 2014, the goal of the ISAB is to represent the needs and concerns of international students at Tulane and to work towards improving the Tulane experience for all international students.

The ISAB advises OISS on international student needs and concerns, participates in the development of new initiatives, interacts with the wider University community to raise the visibility of international students, and develops international student leadership.

Board members will provide feedback for programming, including but not limited to social programming, orientation programs, information sessions, immigration support, and the website improvements. In addition, board members will have the opportunity to comment on the overall experience of being a student at Tulane. International students need to know that their voices and ideas are understood, and OISS has a responsibility to actively integrate ISAB's feedback, concerns, and ideas into general programming and goals.


OISS seeks a board composed of undergraduate and graduate international students that is highly diverse and broadly representative of the University's international student body. 
Leaders of nationality organizations and groups are encouraged to recruit a member of their student association in order to create a broad representation and communication amongst the various national communities on campus.  



ISAB members are expected to attend meetings, share their questions, concerns and ideas and then communicate with their fellow students about ISAB’s role at Tulane. Regular participation in the board's activities is essential and expected in order to be effective. 

Members will be expected to serve one year terms. While some overlap between personal and group concerns may occur, the goal is that ISAB member will not try to push their own personal agendas at the cost of the group's voice.


ISAB Meetings

OISS staff members will facilitate ISAB meetings, which are held biweekly throughout the academic year and include dinner. Other students or representatives from the university may be invited as guests to meetings. 

Agendas and minutes will be posted on the OISS web site for all to view, including any presentations or proposals presented to the group. ISAB will decide whether or not to convene at least one open forum per year to discuss international community issues or to seek other venues for community input.



Specific subcommittees are formed each year based on the interests of ISAB members. Below are the current committees.

Career/Employment Support Committee: The committee strengthens the connection between current international students with Tulane international alumni and provides international students with fitted on-campus employment support. ;It increases OPT awareness and also holds career development workshops, including but not limited to, networking skills, interview skills, and visa issues.

ISAB Employment Fact FAQ's


Campus support committee: The committee provides services, such as advising on-campus and off-campus housing and promoting access to health services on campus. It improves the communications between OISS and international students, including but not limited to, keep the immigration policies up to date, administration challenges, transition from admission to OISS before arrival. It focuses on enhancing the university's reputation globally.

Student life and cultural integration (SLACI): This committee helps international students alleviate culture barriers and have a better understanding of the US culture. It brings international students from the same region together and creates a more inclusive environment for international students through offering programs to help international students get involved in campus events.

TUPals Program


   The primary mission of TUPals is to help new international students connect with their peers and the institution as a whole in order to ease their transition to Tulane so that they may succeed personally, socially, and academically.  


2024-2025 International Student Advisory Board (ISAB)

Are you interested in advising OISS on international student needs and concerns? Do you want to participate in the development of new initiatives, interact with the wider University community to raise the visibility of international students, and develop your leadership abilities? OISS seeks a board that is highly diverse and broadly representative of Tulane's international student body. Serving on the ISAB provides members with many opportunities to represent the voices and experiences of international students, develop as leaders, shape OISS’ programs and policies, give back to the international student community and the university, work with other international students and OISS staff, and learn more about OISS and Tulane University. The ISAB Board meets on Mondays from 6 to 8 PM every other week on the uptown campus. 

20240 2023 ISAB Applications are open until April 10, 2024, 11:59 PM

To apply, fill in this form.



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