Enrollment Verification

Enrollment Verification

  1.  OISS checks enrollment for every student each fall and spring semester. Full-time enrollment is required to maintain immigration status.
  2.  Summer enrollment is optional, unless it’s the student's first semester as a student at Tulane University.
  3.  Generally, undergraduates need 12 credit hours and graduates need 9 credit hours in fall and spring to be full-time.

Enrollment Exceptions

  1. Graduate students in teaching assistant (TA) or research assistant (RA) positions can be enrolled for fewer than 9 credits, but this status must be entered in Banner before enrollment closes.
  2. Graduate students in dissertation research status must be enrolled in the appropriate 9000-level research course in order to be considered full-time.

More Enrollment Exceptions

Students can apply for under enrollment due to:

F-1 students

  •  English language difficulty in first semester
  •  Unfamiliarity with US teaching methods in first semester
  •  Unfamiliarity with reading requirements in first semester
  •  Improper course level placement at any time
  •  Illness or medical condition at any time
  •  Final semester – only need to complete required coursework 

J-1 Students

  • Vacation
  • Illness or medical condition at any time
  • Bonafide Academic Reason
  • Final semester – only need to complete required coursework 

Under enrollment needs to be approved by the OISS before the student drops below full-time.