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2022- 2023 ISAB Members



Jocelyn Zhang

President of ISAB


Hello, my name is Jocelyn Zhang, a junior from Shanghai, China. I’m honored to continue serving Tulane’s international student community, this time as President (I got promoted)! I’m pursuing a joint Master’s/Bachelor program in Finance and Accounting, and I have enjoyed my Tulane experience so far! I love to travel and strike up a conversation with anyone. Ask me about graduating 1.5 years early while working two jobs, being a DEI committee member at a business fraternity, or anything else! 

I look forward to working with our team this year and beyond. Roll wave!






Jason Chen

Secretary of ISAB


JASON CHEN here!!  How are y'all doing? It is my profound honor to be appointed as Secretary of ISAB this year. I graduated high school in state of Washington, and I am a sophomore majoring business here at Tulane. I love going to Starbucks before classes and ordering my favorite drink Grande Americano adding nothing else, but occasionally a Caramel Frappuccino with extra caramel would certainly not hurt. And is it pronounced ˈkær.ə.məl or ˈkɑːr.məl?  Ether way it sounds funny to me. Being away from home may be difficult, but I encourage everyone to say “Yes!” to every opportunity of getting involved on campus and become a successful TU citizen. Paraphrasing what Joe Girard once said, “The elevator to success is like the one in Monroe Hall that is constantly out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs… one step at a time.” In order to be successful, we have to be tenacious and always believe that we can. Even the trash can is called trash can, not trash cannot, as they said on Tik Tok. In these troubling times with the pandemic, it takes more than courage to adjust and adapt. With a community, I believe we can thrive together as successful TULANIANS.

#Roll Wave




Kalsey Belle


Hi. I am Kalsey Belle from the Seychelles currently pursuing an MBA at Tulane UniversityIn the picture, I am holding the largest nut in the world which is endemic to Seychelles.  From conquering a Ropes course to trying out a new cuisine- I LOVE new experiences especially if they focus on food or some sort of physical challenge. The inspiration for being part of ISAB is to help and support international students as much as possible when moving to or during their time at Tulane. Whether it is to discover NOLA together, figure out American Football together or even a shoulder for support if you’re feeling a little homesick –I want to be there for YOU! 





Doris Fan


Hi, my name is Doris Fan and I am from China. I am a half-senior studying communication and finance. I am a huge fan of Kpop and K-Drama, so welcome to chat with me if you like them too! I also like dancing, and my favorite style is hiphop but I always want to learn popping. I am very excited to join ISAB this year and can’t wait to deliver great events to Tulane!




Aijia Liu


Hi guys! My name is Aijia Liu and you can call me Skye, a junior majoring in Finance and Psychology. I am from Shenzhen, China. I love listening to K-Pop and enjoying nature (especially beach! And I really like the nature in NOLA). I also like traveling, and always want to visit Europe. My goal in college is to visit all Disney Worlds in the United States. I am looking forward to working with ISAB and building a reliable environment for our international students!




Ziqi Zhang


Hello, my name is Ziqi Zhang (you may call me Leah), and I'm from Shanghai, China. I'm a junior majoring in Marketing. As an international student, I understand the difficulty of living and studying in a new country. I'd love to hear your concerns and offer help and resources. I look forward to working with ISAB to better support the Tulane international community.