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Online Check-in

You must check in through the online portal upon arrival. Failure to check-in can result in the termination of your student status. Read the information below to learn how to check-in after you arrive at Tulane.

Check-in Instructions

We are in the process of updating our check-in to make it easier for new students. The instructions and links have changed since you were initially issued your immigration document. Please follow these directions:

  1. Go to Links to an external site. and enter your Tulane credentials (email and password).
  2. In the homepage you should see a link near the bottom, under ‘Requests’, that says: ‘Pre-Arrival’ with your campus and specific school. Click on that.
  3. You should be able to see your ‘F-1 Student Check-in’ or ‘J-1 Student Check-in’ (whichever applies to you) Form there under ‘E-Forms.’

This form should only be submitted after you have entered the US. If you have any questions about the E-form or are having difficulties accessing it please contact our SEVIS Manager, Kabir Hingorani, directly at

For the check-in, you will need the following:

  • Your Tulane username and password. Your username is the first part of your Tulane email, Your password is your email password. This information was emailed to your personal email account when you were admitted to Tulane. If you have not received a Tulane email, please visit your department for assistance.
  • Your Tulane ID number. This number was also emailed to your personal email account, and it appears on your Tulane ID card (Splash Card). Uptown students can get their Splash Card at the LBC, Room 107 (Building 29), and downtown students can get their Splash Card at Tidewater, Room 802 (Building 3).
  • Clear images of your passport (biographical page, visa page, and entry stamp), and I-94. Scanners are available at the Howard Tilton Memorial Library (Building 60), or you may take clear pictures with your smartphone.
  • Your local address. This must be a residential address, not a P.O. Box.

Please allow 5 - 10 days for review.  You will receive an e-mail either approving or denying your submission.  If your submission is denied, you will get instructions on how to correct it.

You will also have access to an address/update form. You do not need to fill in that form if you’ve already submitted your check-in form. You can submit it later if any of your information has changed and you need to update us.