Travel Signature Reminder for International Students and Scholars

As the end-of-semester and a period of peak holiday travel approaches, OISS offers some important reminders for international students and scholars to consider.  If you plan to travel outside of the US, we recommend that you check the latest information regarding current travel restrictions.   Additionally, you should check your I‐20 or DS‐2019 now to confirm that it is signed for travel.  If not, please use this form to request one as soon as possible, as we will be unable to accommodate same-day travel signature requests.

 Where can I find the travel signature? 

  • On the I-20 for F-1 students, it is on the second page. 
  • On the DS-2019 for J-1 students and scholars, it is on the bottom right corner of the first page. 

When do I need a travel signature? 

  • If your travel signature will be more than one year old on the day you plan to re-enter the country. 
  • If you have no travel signature. 
  • If your I‐20 says “Transfer Pending” or “Change of Educational Level” on the top right side of the front page. 
  • If you are in OPT status and your I‐20 has a travel signature that will be more than 6 months old on the day you plan to re-enter the country. 

What documents do I need to re-enter the United States? 

  • I‐20 or DS‐2019 with a valid travel signature. 
  • Valid passport (valid for longer than six months). 
  • Valid F or J visa. 
  • I‐901 SEVIS fee payment receipt (to print, visit here). 
  • Highly Recommended: Proof of your attendance at Tulane University, such as your current class schedule, payment of fees, admission letter and/or scholarship letter.  
  • If you are on OPT, you will also need: 
  • Proof of employment (letter from your employer and/or other documents). 
  • Your EAD work authorization card. 

For F-1 students finishing in December (IMPORTANT): 

  • If the program end date on your I-20 has changed and you need to extend it, please fill out an extension application, obtain the necessary financial documents, and submit it using this form as soon as possible. In order to maintain your status, this must be completed before the end date on your I-20. 
  • If the major stated on your I-20 is not your current one, please submit a request to get a new I-20. 

For J-1 students finishing in December (IMPORTANT): 

  • If you are planning on extending your program to do an internship using Academic Training or for any other reason, please contact OISS at as soon as possible. 
  • In order to maintain your status your extension and Academic Training must be authorized and completed before the end date on your DS-2019. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your advisor.