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Moving Around New Orleans: Transportation, Driving, and Parking

Tulane Shuttle Bus in front of building

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The Tulane University Shuttles and Transportation system helps you travel safely and easily to, from and around our campuses. Providing over 260,000 rides annually to the Tulane and Loyola University communities, we offer commuter connections to employees (faculty and staff) and students between the uptown, health sciences, Elmwood and University Square campuses, the Papillon Apartments, and shipping and entertainment venues in and around the greater New Orleans area. The Gold Zone, an on-demand, point-to-point van service, is available 7 nights a week.

We also collaborate with the Center for Public Service to provide our many students, faculty, and staff involved in learning  projects throughout the area with convenient, efficient transportation. In addition to the university-provided transportation, we partner with many transportation providers in the city for chartered school bus or motorcoach transportation, hired care or cab service, airport transportation, rental cars and car sharing. More information on these services can be found above.

When Tulane Shuttles and Transportation is used in conjunction with our many transportation partners and the RTA, riders have access to year-round integrated transportation.

Requests for service learning and group transportation should be done via the Tulane Transportation Request System (TTRS).

Find Your Bus

Locate your Tulane Shuttle bus using our real-time GPS tracking system.

Download the free SmartTraxx app from your smartphones's app store:



Bicycling is a popular method of transportation around campus and around New Orleans. Bike Easy has a useful map of New Orleans bike lanes and biking routes, and they also offer events such as group rides, advocacy events, and workshops. 

Do It Yourself

Save time and money by knowing how to fix up your bike yourself. The Tulane Bike Help Desk has a variety of bike tools and can help you learn to fix your own bike. Take advantage of their help to learn how to fix a flat tire, a broken chain, and other common repairs.

Buy Fix, or Outfit a Bike

For accessories, more complicated bike repair, or to buy a bike, check out nearby bicycle shops like GNO Cyclery, The Bike Shop, and Massey's, among others. You can also usually find good deals on things like lights, baskets, and helmets on Amazon, and used bikes on Craigslist. 

Bike Safely

Tulane's Bicycle Security and Safety tips will help you ride safely and keep your bike safe as well. Follow their "how to ride in traffic" tips (be predictable, be alert, and be equipped) any time you are biking in the city. Bike Easy's map and safety guide also has safety advice for both cyclists and motorists.


New Orleans Public Transportation

The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) provides a network of busses and streetcars through most New Orleans neighborhoods. The basic fare is $1.25 and no change is given.  You may pay by cash or pre-purchased pass when you board the bus or streetcar.  For more information about routes and time schedules, click here.


Driving in New Orleans

New Orleans is a convenient city for driving.  If you plan on driving only occasionally and only renting a car or driving a friend's car, you may use your valid international drivers license.  If you are buying a car or own one that you are bringing from another state, you will need to get a Louisiana Driver's license.  For more information, click here.



If you intend to park on the Tulane campus, you must get a student parking permit. Go to Tulane Parking Services for information about parking permits. New Permit Holders

Students who park on campus must display a permit and park in an area authorized by that permit. Parking zones are strictly regulated to ensure there are spaces available for valid permit holders.

Parking Availability

Permit parking for persons living in the residence halls is limited to Diboll Garage. Freshman residents are not allowed to register their vehicles and may not utilize campus parking areas. Special provisions are not made for the perceived need for a parking permit. It is our experience that employment, family, volunteer and other needs are present in the entire student body. However, there is no equitable manner to determine who has the greatest need. The university will make every possible space available to students but are restricted to the number of spaces in our parking areas. 

What do I do if I don't have a parking permit? 

If you were not issued a permit, you should not bring a vehicle to campus. Two-hour parking on Audubon Boulevard is available. 

Parking on Move-In Day

Guests are responsible for parking legally be either displaying a valid permit or parking at a paid meter. All campus parking areas are identified by signaled and those signs show the hours of regulation. Students are responsible for information their guests of applicable parking regulations and the need for display of a permit or payment of a meter. 

For Downtown Campus parking information, visit