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Mission and Goals



The mission of the Office of International Students and Scholars is to provide leadership in the internationalization of Tulane University by supporting the Tulane international community and facilitating cross-cultural interaction. By way of support, OISS offers quality programs and services and ensures compliance with federal immigration regulations.

Our strong belief is that a vibrant international community enriches Tulane University and the New Orleans community and is an essential component to understanding our role within the world community.



  1. Provide OISS services, advice and programs to Tulane’s international population in a quick and professional manner, aiding them in maintaining their immigration status and in completing federal, state, and local document requirements efficiently and effectively. 
  2. Support international students, faculty, staff and scholars to help them acculturate, protect their well-being, contribute to the achievement of their goals, and to allow the opportunity for them to have the best experience possible at Tulane and in New Orleans.
  3. To efficiently and effectively implement all pertinent U.S. immigration regulations, and to help ensure that Tulane remains in compliance with all federal immigration and labor regulations so that the university can continue to host internationals.
  4. Work to educate and integrate the international and the general Tulane community in order to enrich the knowledge and experiences of both populations.